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From "Eddie Epstein" <eaepst...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: View data
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2008 14:35:27 GMT
Hi Tim,

>  1. Translation of a document that contains multiple languages.
>  I need to use different translation annotators on different parts of a
>  document. I would like each translation annotator to append its
>  translations and annotations to the same results view.
>  At the moment there is a proliferation of views for each translation
>  annotator followed by an annoying process of stitching them back
>  together in a result view.

Yes, proliferation of views is a bad thing. On another
multi-translation project using UIMA, the design put all translation
results as annotations in the source text view. Translation results
included a feature to identify the particular translator, and this
feature used to iterate over annotations associated with the desired
translation. New target language views were only created when all
translation work was finished.

The same organization is used for transcription results, where ASR
results are all placed in an audio view, and the resultant
transcription view(s) created after all ASR processing is done.

>  2. Keeping a log of processing with the data.
>  I would like every annotator to be able to append what it has done. It
>  would be useful for my exceptions to go in as annotations pointing at
>  the log. I realise there are other logging mechanisms and I do use them,
>  but a logfile is not kept on a per document basis and does not reside
>  with the relevant processes data.

Thilo's suggestion here is good, just create a new log FS that
includes the text and a feature to identify the component, provide
ordering, etc.


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