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From "John Cabral" <john.cab...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: JCasGen - Feature not Defined for Type error
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2008 12:02:06 GMT
I've tried out that theory.  I had copied over the <typedescription>
element for that type into the type system descriptor file used by my
engine.  All 18 components are there and I can't see anything else in
the file that would need to be copied over.  Actually, I just realized
something.  The code I am using is running outside of an annotator.
So, I just wired something together so that I can get a JCas create a
feature structure and then add them to the JCas for the purposes of
testing.  Is there a background assumption that feature structures
should only be added only within an Annotator?

Thank you for your help.

On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 6:34 AM, Thilo Goetz <twgoetz@gmx.de> wrote:
> Sounds like a version mismatch between your
>  generated Java files and the xml descriptor.
>  The CAS is complaining that it doesn't know
>  about the feature "reason", although the setter
>  is defined in the Java class.  Make sure you
>  load the right descriptor.  In CVD, you can
>  look at the type system as it is defined in
>  the CAS.
>  HTH,
>  Thilo
>  John Cabral wrote:
>  > I've run into a very odd error that is being thrown by my code.  I
>  > have used the Eclipse plugin to define a type system and then used the
>  > JCasGen tool to generate the .java files for the types.  I added 18
>  > features to one of the types.  When I try to use the set*() methods
>  > for them, it works in 7 cases but in the other 11 cases I will get an
>  > error similar to this:
>  >
>  >      [java] Exception in thread "main"
>  > org.apache.uima.cas.CASRuntimeException: Feature "reason" is not
>  > defined for type "amps.featurestructures.ddms.Security".
>  >      [java]     at
>  > org.apache.uima.jcas.impl.JCasImpl.throwFeatMissing(JCasImpl.java:996)
>  >      [java]     at
>  > amps.featurestructures.ddms.Security.setReason(Unknown Source)
>  >      [java]     at amps.test.Test.main(Unknown Source)
>  >
>  > Any ideas?  I've been reviewing the code and so far cannot tell any
>  > difference between the methods that are working and those that are
>  > failing.
>  >
>  > Thank you.

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