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From holmberg2066@comcast.net (g...@holmberg.name)
Subject Re: (one other) Multithreading question
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2007 20:15:55 GMT

> Are there other open source tools you recommend besides Ethereal?

Some other tools that are useful for diagnosing performance issues:

On Windows:


Especially the Process Explorer which can display the I/O usage of a single process in real-time.

    The Windows Server Performance tool

On Linux there are various hard-to-use tools that write a bunch of text (sar, var, etc.),
but I haven't tried these for several years, so maybe they have nice GUI's now.

For Java there are several profiling tools.  I've had good luck with JProbe from Quest.  Eclipse
also has one (install the TPTP plug-ins), but I found it to either lock up or be difficult
to get the data I needed.  And don't forget, these profilers slow down the byte-code execution
by about 30X, and so make any I/O look 1/30 smaller in proportion than it actually is in an
unprofiled, byte-compiling JVM (i.e. "java -server").


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