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From Yosi Mass <YOSIM...@il.ibm.com>
Subject Re: Question on the SemanticSearch.zip - SIAPI
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2007 07:12:04 GMT
Dear Scott,

Can you please explain what you mean that the query <organization/> doesn't
return hits for organization.compnay annotations?

You probably know that a SIAPI query returns full documents as results and
not a result for each annotation so a document with <organization> and also
tags under organization will be returned only once.

Thanks, Yosi

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                                       Question on the SemanticSearch.zip  
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Hi guys,

I posted a while back about about indexing using SIAPI. Since then I've
managed to get the entire process of indexing and searching working
pretty smoothly. However, I have a general question for anyone who is
familiar with SIAPI.

Basically, prior to indexing documents I have built a Index
Specification Descriptor which contains the typesystem to use for
indexing. My typesystem has hierachy in it, so there is stuff like
organization, organization.company in there. What I was hoping for is
that when I submit something like '<organization/>' as the xml search
fragment I would get hits for not only organization annotations but also
all the child types of organization including organization.company,
however, this doesn't happen. Is there anything that I can do with the
Index Specification Descriptor to define a hierachy for the SIAPI
indexer? Or does the indexer have no concept of hierachy?

If it doesn't support hierachy typesystems, I was wondering if I can
modify the xml fragment before it is submitted to basically OR all the
child types. I've seen some xml fragments for omnifind which have
<.or></.or> tags in them, but I have only seen it used to filter on
propertys, ie <book><.or><author>John Smith</author><title>XML
-Microsoft</title></.or></book>. Is there anything similar I can do with
juru but on types?

Finally, is there a workaround to my issue that I haven't thought of?

Thanks in advance,

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