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From Thomas Francart <thomas.franc...@mondeca.com>
Subject Asynchronous UIMA (workflow) ?
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2007 11:00:34 GMT
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Hi all -<br>
I'm thinking about whether or not it would be possible to add an
asynchronous step in a UIMA pipeline ? For example having an analysis
engine that would ask for a user input or a user review of a CAS, or
something like that. Well my point is that at some point in the
pipeline, I would like a user to review the state of the CAS, maybe add
some more information, delete some others, and so on; and then the rest
of the pipeline would continue upon user validation. (by "user" here I
don't mean someone that sits in front of a computer and watch the UIMA
processing taking place, but maybe someone receiving an email saying
"hey, you should have a look and validate that").<br>
I know this a generic workflow question, but I was just wondering if
some other people had the same question/requirements with a UIMA
integration, and if you had some ideas on how it could be
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