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From Richard Eckart <wyldf...@users.sourceforge.net>
Subject UIMA Classpath and setenv.txt
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2007 15:29:50 GMT
I've already sent this mail on the 27th of September but never got it  
back via the list, so I assume it didn't get through. Therefore I am  
sending it again.


Hi everybody,

I have installed a couple of PEARs and wanted to run them with  
cpeGui.sh. Unfortunately UIMA does not seem to automatically use the  
UIMAClassLoader to fetch the classes from the jars indicated in the  
setenv.txt files of the respective PEARs - or I just did something  

When I change setUimaClassPath.sh to scan for the setenv.txt files  
and concatenate the CLASSPATHs in them to a single big classpath, I  
can use the AEs from the installed PEARs without a problem. On the  
RASP4UIMA homepage I found a little note indicating that it is  
necessary to manually add source setenv.txt from e.g. cpeGui.sh. Is  
this really the intended way? I would really like not to have to  
worry about setting up the classpath for UIMA.

Best regards,

Richard Eckart

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