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From Steve Suppe <ssu...@llnl.gov>
Subject Re: AW: UIMA Firefox plugin
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2007 21:06:36 GMT
I'm being guiltlessly selfish - unfortunately I don't have the strokes 
right now to help out, but would love it if you guys could keep us posted 
on the work!


At 01:23 AM 8/27/2007, Michael Baessler wrote:
>Michael Baessler wrote:
>>Torsten Zesch wrote:
>>>>we would like to show-case the benefit of UIMA with a short simple 
>>>>application. This application should run as a Mozilla Firefox plugin to 
>>>>analyze the currently loaded web page in the browser and highlight the 
>>>>detected annotations. It should be easy to configure so that users can 
>>>>plug in their own analysis components to highlight the entities of 
>>>>their choice.
>>>This sounds like an interesting application - even for the academic
>>>I can contribute some experience with Firefox Addons and JavaScript.
>>>There are already some Firefox addons for highlighting various things
>>>available, so we can build on that.
>>>Easy plugin of own analysis components seems to depend on the PEAR
>>>run-time. I hope that it will make it into the 2.2. release.
>>Yes the PEAR runtime will be in UIMA 2.2.
>>Thanks for your interest.
>>-- Michael
>Since now the UIMA 2.2.0-incubating release is available (including the 
>PEAR runtime), we can start implementing this application.
>Are there still some people interested in participating in this?
>-- Michael

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