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From candel <can...@titus.u-strasbg.fr>
Subject Re: conditional FlowController
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2007 14:46:04 GMT
Adam Lally wrote:

>Hi Sophie,
>On 8/10/07, candel <candel@titus.u-strasbg.fr> wrote:
>>I am working on a UIMA FlowController.
>>I would like to guide a CAS through one or another AE depending on the
>>result of a first AE.
>>I think I have to write something like that:
>>//running first AE
>>return SimpleStep(aeKey1);
>>//testing my condition
>>If (result=="ok"){ return new SimpleStep(aeKey2)}
>>Else { return new SimpleStep(aeKey3)}
>>//closing flow
>>return FinalStep();
>Sort of... but you can only return one Step object per call to the
>next() method, so you have to remember where you are in the flow.  A
>simple way to do this would be like this:
>if (!firstAeCalled) {
>  //running first AE
>  firstAeCalled = true;
>  return SimpleStep(aeKey1);
>} else if (!secondAeCalled) {
>  secondAeCalled = true
>  //TODO: compute "result" by looking at the CAS
>  If (result=="ok"){ return new SimpleStep(aeKey2)}
>   Else { return new SimpleStep(aeKey3)}
>} else {
>  //closing flow
>  return FinalStep();
>Also look at the exampleWhiteboardFlowController.java, which keeps a
>history of which AEs have been already called during the Flow.
>>The trouble is that I can't find out how to get the aeKey of a
>>particular AE...Is it simply the key name given in the AAE descriptor
>>where we join our own defined flow?
>Yes, the aeKey will be the same as the key defined in the Aggregate
>Analysis Engine descriptor, but it's preferable to query the framework
>for this information rather than hard-coding a particular key value
>into your Flow Controller.
>In your FlowController, call:
>This returns you a Map from aeKey Strings to AnalysisEngineMetaData
>object.  The AnalysisEngineMetaData contains information from that
>particular delegate (component) AE's descriptor - such as its name,
>inputs,outputs, etc.
>  -Adam

thanks to your help, I wrote my Conditional FlowController.
The thing is that I couldn't find an other way than hard-coding the 
eaKeys in it.
Indeed, nothing can distinguish the annotators AE2 or AE3 except for 
their internal analysis method.
In fact, the analysis method used is only a strategic choice that 
depends on the results of the first AE.
AE2 and AE3 have the same inputs and outputs requirements, ...

After these explanations, do you still think their is another way to do it?


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