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From Matthew Campbell <mcampb...@syrres.com>
Subject Re: AnnotationIndex tree()
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 14:05:10 GMT
I put in an issue on JIRA, UIMA-519 


Thilo Goetz wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> the endless loop is certainly a bug.  Feel free to open a Jira issue,
> else I'll do it later today.  Thanks for reporting this.
> --Thilo
> Matthew Campbell wrote:
>> Actually...I may have put my foot in my mouth on Friday concerning
>> DocumentAnnotation containing only one child annotation.  The bug in the
>> AnnotationIndexImpl addChildredn() method may still be an issue though. 
>> Sorry for the confusion.
>> -Matt
>> Matthew Campbell wrote:
>>> Hey folks:
>>>    I was just wondering if anyone else was having any luck with the
>>> tree() method in AnnotationIndexImpl.  I've been walking through it
>>> with the debugger and believe that the child subiterator in
>>> addChildren() never gets pushed to the next annotation, so we get
>>> stuck in the while loop.  I changed the while loop to the code below
>>> and it gets through fine:
>>> while (it.hasNext()) {
>>>   annot = (AnnotationFS) it.next();
>>>   dtr = new AnnotationTreeNodeImpl();
>>>   dtr.set(annot);
>>>   node.addChild(dtr);
>>>   addChildren(dtr, subiterator(annot));
>>> }
>>>    On a somewhat unrelated note, I'm basically trying to make a tree
>>> of all the annotations in the document, so I'm passing in the
>>> DocumentAnnotation into the tree function.  Is there a reason the
>>> DocumentAnnotation only has one child via a subiterator (which is a
>>> SourceDocumentInformation annotation)?  I assumed that since it's
>>> range covers the entire document's length and is the first annotation
>>> in the index, a subiterator on this annotation would iterate over all
>>> of the strict unambiguous annotations in the document.  Thanks in
>>> advance for the help - I've only been working with UIMA for a few
>>> weeks now so I'm still getting my head around everything, but it's a
>>> great tool.
>>> -Matt

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