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From "LeHouillier, Frank D." <Frank.LeHouill...@gd-ais.com>
Subject RE: UIMA Beginners Help?
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2007 12:55:53 GMT
So this brings up a legitimate question I have.  Even if you can specify
a pipeline in a CPE, wouldn't it be better practice to use an Aggregate
Analysis Engine in cases where there are actual input dependencies
between two or more analysis engines.  I had always understood the
purpose of the CPE to be getting collections of data to and from a set
of independent Analysis Engines, rather than specifically for defining
dependencies.  Is it part of the UIMA spec for example that the CPE
define an order on the Analysis Engines?  The CPE specifically excludes
the inclusion of a Flow Controller description.  Another argument I have
for using Aggregate AE's in a situation where there are dependencies is
that someone might want to use it without using the CPE at all.  For
example, somebody might already have an application that handles most of
the CPE stuff and just want to plug in the UIMA-JNET, they would have to
create an Aggregate of the Sentence Annotator and NE extractor anyway,
right?  On the other hand, is there a way to create an Aggregate
Analysis Engine, specifying the primitive Analysis Engines as separate
services?  If I want the Sentence Annotator to be a service and the NE
extractor to be a service, how do I make sure that the CAS hits these in
the right order?  How do I do this if the flow is not simply linear but
dynamic (i.e. the output of the language identifier sends the CAS to the
correct Sentence annotator)? 

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From: Katrin Tomanek [mailto:tomanek@coling-uni-jena.de] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2007 1:35 AM
To: uima-user@incubator.apache.org
Subject: Re: UIMA Beginners Help?

Dear Andrew,

I have added a small documentation to our website, explaining how to set

up a Collection Processing Engine (CPE) from PEAR packages. See here:


There is also a small demo-CPE.

In case you want to use the components rather programatically, i.e. in 
an application, you might refer the "UIMA Tutorial and Developers' 
Guides" (UIMA Version 2.1), section 3.2 (Using Analysis Engines). Do it 
as explained there, i.e. make a AE from the sentence splitter and from 
the named entity tagger. Create a CAS (important: as explained in 
3.2.6!) and then just run the process method of both AEs, sentence 
splitter first, then the ne tagger, on the CAS you created. Hope that

Best wishes,

Katrin Tomanek
Jena University Language and Information Engineering (JULIE) Lab
Phone: +49-3641-944307
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email: tomanek@coling-uni-jena.de
URL:   http://www.julielab.de

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