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From conflue...@apache.org
Subject [CONF] Apache Tuscany: Making releases (page edited)
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2008 12:44:00 GMT
Making releases (TUSCANY) edited by Simon Laws
      Page: http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/TUSCANY/Making+releases
   Changes: http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/pages/diffpagesbyversion.action?pageId=60576&originalVersion=12&revisedVersion=13


{include: Menus}

h3. Getting Ready

[Setting up ssh]

[Create signing key]

[Get hold of RAT]

h3. Useful Resources

[Incubator release best practice | http://incubator.apache.org/guides/releasemanagement.html#best-practice]
[Incubator Policy | http://incubator.apache.org/incubation/Incubation_Policy.html]
[ASF Developer Guide | http://www.apache.org/dev/]
[ASF Release FAQ | http://www.apache.org/dev/release.html]
[ASF Release Licensing FAQ | http://www.apache.org/dev/release.html#license]
[ASF Release Signing | http://www.apache.org/dev/release-signing.html]
[ASF Comitters Guide | http://www.apache.org/dev/new-committers-guide.html#pgp]
[Henk's ASF Key Guide |  http://people.apache.org/~henkp/]
[Surfnet Key Server | http://pgp.surfnet.nl/]
[MIT Key Server | http://pgp.mit.edu/]
[Raymond's release script| http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/tuscany/java/etc/release-sca.sh]

h3. Release Process

The borrows many of the commands from [Raymond's release script|http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/tuscany/java/etc/release-sca.sh]
but with a bit more explanation and a few extra useful commands. The commands here we taken
from when release 1.1 RC3a was under preparation. It's also fair to say that it's unlikely
that you will want to run all of these commands in sequence as you generally end up repeating
sections as release preparation progresses.

h4. Call for release

At some point someone in the community will call for a release based on the features and fixes
that have been under development in the trunk. Typically the first stage in the release process
is to decide on who is going to be the release manager, i.e. who is going to ensure that all
the steps are taken to ensure a good release. This will typical involve someone volunteering
and a vote on the dev list. The next thing is the create a branch where the code can be stabalized
and testing can start on the release artifacts. It's useful to try and ensure that the code
is complete as possible and that all the samples run before the branch is created. This removes
the need for a lot of double fixing between the branch and the trunk.

h4.  Create the branch

svn copy https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/tuscany/java/sca https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/tuscany/branches/sca-java-1.1
 -m "Branch for 1.1"

Once the branch is created the version number in trunk can be updated. 

h4. Fix up the branch work
First checkout the branch so that you can work on it. These commands assume that a local directory
called "branches" is present. 

cd branches
svn co https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/tuscany/branches/sca-java-1.1/ 1.1-RC3a

Remove all the files that are not going to be part of the release, test all the samples and
check all of the LICENSE and NOTICE files. Once the branch is at the stage where a release
candidate can be created for testing prepare to make a tag. 

h4. Create Tag 1.1-RC3a
These commands assume that a local directory called "tags" is present.

cd tags
svn co https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/tuscany/branches/sca-java-1.1/ 1.1-RC3a

Notice that all we are doing here is just checking out the branch again. This allows any last
minute fixes to be taken from the branch in subversion and allows the version numbers in the
tag to be corrected without affecting the branch, assuming that more than one tag will be
required to complete the release process. 

h4. Change the version ID
The "-SNAPSHOT" is removed from the end of the version string. This ensures that the only
thing building with the release version number on your PC is the tag being tested.
cd tags/1.1-RC3a
for i in `/usr/bin/find . -name "*.xml"`; do if grep 1.1-incubating-SNAPSHOT $i>/dev/null;
then sed "s/1.1-incubating-SNAPSHOT/1.1-incubating/g" $i >/tmp/tmp.xml; cp /tmp/tmp.xml
$i; fi; done

h4. Generate the RAT report

Create the report.

cd tags
java -jar C:\simon\apps\rat-0.5.1\rat-0.5.1.jar 1.1-RC3a > rat-1.1-RC3a.txt

Copy the report  up onto the staging repo. You should of course check the report at this stage.

scp rat-1.1-RC3a.txt slaws@people.apache.org:public_html/tuscany/1.1-RC3a

If you need to regenerate the RAT report after you have started on the steps that follow run
"mvn clean" first to avoid complains about the files under target folders

h4. Build from top level

cd tags/1.1-RC3a 
mvn -o clean install

h4. Build the demos

cd tags/1.1-RC3a/demos
mvn -fae -o clean install

h4. Build distribution

cd tags/1.1-RC3a/distribution
mvn -o clean install

Check that the "all" jar is in place as with some JDKs this step fails intermittently

h4.  Copy the distribution to somewhere and try it

Try the samples/demos

Compile the source distro
Compile samples from the maven artifacts  

Check for copyrights in the code to ensure that are what you are expecting

grep -iR Copyright *

check all the NOTICE files

for i in `find . -name NOTICE`; do echo XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX; echo $i; cat $i; done
> ../tmp

Check for any SNAPSHOTS left in by mistake

grep -r --include=*.xml SNAPSHOT *
Check the LICENSE file against what is provided in the distributions. There is no automation
for this bit yet. 

Check for junk included by accident

  find . -name log -print
  find . -name work -print
  find . -name lck -print
  find . -name activemq-data -print
  find . -name temp -print
  find . -name tmp -print

Once you are happy with the release artifacts you can sign them and make them available from

h4. Sign the artifacts

cd tags/1.1-RC3a/distribution/target
for i in *.zip *.gz; do gpg --output $i.asc --detach-sig --armor $i; done
for i in *.zip *.gz; do openssl md5 -hex $i | sed 's/MD5(\([^)]*\))= \([0-9a-f]*\)/\2 *\1/'
> $i.md5; done

for %A in (*.zip) do gpg --output %A.asc --detach-sig --armor %A
for %A in (*.gz) do gpg --output %A.asc --detach-sig --armor %A
for %A in (*.zip) do gpg --print-md md5 %A > %A.md5
for %A in (*.gz) do gpg --print-md md5 %A > %A.md5

h4. Put the artifacts up in your home directory on people.apache.org

cd tags/1.1-RC3a/distribution/target
scp *.asc slaws@people.apache.org:public_html/tuscany/1.1-RC3a
scp *.md5 slaws@people.apache.org:public_html/tuscany/1.1-RC3a
scp *.zip slaws@people.apache.org:public_html/tuscany/1.1-RC3a
scp *.gz slaws@people.apache.org:public_html/tuscany/1.1-RC3a

cd tags/1.1-RC3a/distribution/src/main/release
scp RELEASE_NOTES slaws@people.apache.org:public_html/tuscany/1.1-RC3a
scp CHANGES slaws@people.apache.org:public_html/tuscany/1.1-RC3a

h4. Check permissions on the files

chmod 644 *.zip
chmod 644 *.gz
chmod 644 *.txt

h4. Deploy the maven artifacts

cd tags/1.1-RC3a
mvn -N -DaltDeploymentRepository=apache.incubator::default::scp://people.apache.org/home/slaws/public_html/tuscany/1.1-RC3a/maven
verify gpg:sign install:install deploy:deploy -Dgpg.passphrase=

cd tools
mvn clean
mvn -DaltDeploymentRepository=apache.incubator::default::scp://people.apache.org/home/slaws/public_html/tuscany/1.1-RC3a/maven
verify gpg:sign install:install deploy:deploy -Dgpg.passphrase=

cd modules
mvn clean
mvn -DaltDeploymentRepository=apache.incubator::default::scp://people.apache.org/home/slaws/public_html/tuscany/1.1-RC3a/maven
verify gpg:sign install:install deploy:deploy -Dgpg.passphrase=

h4. Deploy the all jar

cd tags/1.1-RC3a/distribution/bundle/target
mvn gpg:sign-and-deploy-file -DgroupId=org.apache.tuscany.sca -DartifactId=tuscany-sca-all
-Dversion=1.1-incubating -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=tuscany-bundle-1.1-incubating.jar -DrepositoryId=apache.incubator
-Durl=scp://people.apache.org/home/slaws/public_html/tuscany/1.1-RC3a/maven -Dkeyname=slaws

h4. Check in the tag

svn copy 1.1-RC3a https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/tuscany/tags/java/sca/1.1-RC3a/
-m "Tag for 1.1-RC3a"

h4. Start voting

The PPMC will vote first. This may give rise to a new release candidate being required. If
so you need to go back and start at the "Create Tag" step but using the next RC number. 

Once the PPMC vote is complete the vote is moved across to the IPMC. Once all the votes are
complete the artifacts that have been voted on can be release.

h4. Once all the voting is complete
Copy the artifacts up to www.apache.org/dist/incubator/tuscany. 

Also check that the KEYS file is up to date. 

scp KEYS slaws@people.apache.org:public_html/tuscany/1.1-RC3a

h4. Copy the staging repo to the live incubating repo

mvn stage:copy -Dsource="http://people.apache.org/~slaws/tuscany/1.1-RC3a/maven" -Dtarget="scp://people.apache.org/www/people.apache.org/repo/m2-incubating-repository"

You'll need the maven stage plugin to do this. Since maven-stage-plugin is not published,
the release manager should checkout the source for the  plugin and build it.


h4. Check the permissions in the repo

There is a script in the SNAPSHOT report that sets the permissions correctly. 

cd  /www/people.apache.org/repo/m2-incubating-repository/org/apache

h4. Copy the release candidate tag to the final tag name. 

svn copy https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/tuscany/tags/java/sca/1.1-RC3a/ https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/tuscany/tags/java/sca/1.1
-m "Copy 1.1-RC3a tag as 1.1"


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