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From ajbor...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r464884 - /incubator/tuscany/cpp/sdo/README
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 09:56:26 GMT
Author: ajborley
Date: Tue Oct 17 02:56:25 2006
New Revision: 464884

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?view=rev&rev=464884
TUSCANY-843. Updated SDO README with supported features and "new in this release". 


Modified: incubator/tuscany/cpp/sdo/README
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/incubator/tuscany/cpp/sdo/README?view=diff&rev=464884&r1=464883&r2=464884
--- incubator/tuscany/cpp/sdo/README (original)
+++ incubator/tuscany/cpp/sdo/README Tue Oct 17 02:56:25 2006
@@ -30,28 +30,32 @@
 specification found at
+Supported SDO features
+  * All features are supported unless listed under the known restrictions
+    below. See the Service Data Objects for C++ 2.01 specification.
+New features in this release
+  * Optional build on Windows with Apache STDCXX
+  * Improved memory management
+  * Multiple bug fixes and internal enhancements
+Known Restrictions
 The implementation adheres closely to the specification, but there are a number 
 of features which did not make it into this release. These are documented 
-Generic get/set
+Generic get/set:
 The C++ implementation defines a set of access methods directly appropriate to
 each Type. For example getString(), setString(), getBoolean(), setBoolean(). 
 There is no generic get() method as there is no common base object to return - 
 unlike the java implementation which can return an Object.
-Typesafe interface
+Typesafe interface:
 There is no code generation in this version, so there is no interface such that
 a property called "Name" can be accessed via object->getName().  The name must 
 be accessed via object->getString("Name");
-Change Summary Serialization
+Change Summary Serialization:
 Change summaries contain creations, deletions and modifications to data graphs.
 The specification indicates that these will be serialized to XML such that 
 creations and deletions will become attributes of the change summary element, 
@@ -59,46 +63,30 @@
 implementation saves all creations, deletions and changes as elements within 
 the change summary element.
-Change Summary Undo
+Change Summary Undo:
 The undo method of a change summary is not implemented.
 Read-only data elements are not supported by this implementation. Properties 
 may be set read-only, but the property may still be modified without an error.
 Opposites are not supported by this implementation. 
-Date and Time
+Date and Time:
 Date support is limited to using a time_t. There are no calendar or duration 
 style objects, and no helpers for conversions.
-BigDecimal and BigInteger
+BigDecimal and BigInteger:
 The equivalent of the java BigDecimal and BigInteger objects are not 
-NLS support
+NLS support:
 Data objects may contain multi-byte data in the form of an SDO string, but 
-locale information is not stored with the data.
-The creation API only allows properties and types to have ascii names (taking a 
-char* as the name).
+locale information is not stored with the data. The creation API only allows 
+properties and types to have ascii names (taking a char* as the name).
 Type inheritance is single only.

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