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From "vishwas k.n." <>
Subject Few Questions
Date Sun, 28 Jul 2019 06:40:10 GMT

I am new to ATS and had a few questions after having installed it and
played around with it a bit.
I am primarily interested in the reverse-proxy config mode of operation of

1. When an origin server responds with a 304 to a request from ATS, then
ATS goes on to write the entire content and not just the headers into a new
location on the disk. This seems to be a "general space management
technique". In case of large files, wouldn't it make sense for the
directory to point to the earlier location on the disk and just update the
response headers ?. That way a whole chunk of write could be avoided.

2. Is there a configuration to enable the AIO sync/write to the disk happen
immediately after the response is received from the origin server ?

3. There are a few threads on the list discussing performance, however I
havent been able to zero in on any which discuss performance in detail.
We are trying to derive ATS performance benchmark using wrk as a client.
The initial tests suggest the below results:

*Iteration * *Connections/Threads (wrk)* *File Size* *Duration Of Test*
1 1/1 2MB 5min 8.83 Gbps
2 1/1 3MB 5min 8.27 Gbps
3 1/1 4MB 5min 3.81 Gbps
4 1/1 10MB 5min 3.80 Gbps
5 1/1 1MB 5min 8.58 Gbps

The ATS configuration is used more or less the defaults available once the
ATS is installed.
The ATS version being used is 7.1.4
Is there a cheatsheet which indicates the tunable parameters to get better
performance with ATS ?
NOTE: I am using file cache.


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