Hi All ,


Actually we are using to get m3u8 and mpd based on Live streaming via ATS. Now we need to implement DAI for IP TV solutions. We tried a lot , our requirements are contains any query string on mpd/m3u8  will redirect to another server,  without query string go to the remap origin directly. And one more thing  first m3u8 only had query string not next to the file, it should be  go directly which is the remap origin but only first m3u8 wants to be redirect .


In maps.reg contains ,

^/DAI/(.*)?id=*         http://secondary.origin:port/DAI/$1 @status=302

It has been enabled plugin in remap config.


We have to tried another method,


cond %{STATUS} >199 [AND]

cond %{STATUS} <500

set-redirect 302 http://secodary.origin/DAI/MIS22/STB.m3u8 [QSA]

But above header rewrite function has problem , each request will be redirected .

Client URL like this :

http:// secodary.origin :port/DAI/MIS22/STB.m3u8?id=7965a61adfc2ec62dead23a037e451e13a50c -wants to be redirect .


http:// secodary.origin :port/DAI/MIS22/video.m3u8 – normal request go to remap origin.



Please anyone give the solution for me.




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