On Tue, Nov 20, 2018 at 11:57 AM Randall Meyer <randallmeyer@yahoo.com.invalid> wrote:

    On Saturday, November 17, 2018, 11:50:42 PM PST, Leif Hedstrom <zwoop@apache.org> wrote: 

 I've prepared a release for 7.1.5 (RC1), which is a bug fix release on the previous v7.1.4 release. Besides regular bug fixes, this version also addresses a number of small memory leaks. The release notes for 7.1.5 is available at:


or for a brief ChangeLog (also attached below):


The changes from the previous v7.1.5-rc0 candidate are as follows:

    +  #4534 - Fix logging log file roll issue (#2544).
    +  #4614 - Doc: Backport various doc fixes
    +  #4617 - Release the mutex after the events are cancelled

This release of v7.1.5 is backwards compatible with all v7.x release, for some details as to what’s new in v.7.1.x see


Information about upgrading to the 7.x releases from previous major versions is available at:


The artifacts are available for download at:


SHA512 checksum:
    fa27890f78bb1e5d904f81abb13a9527579fef9f5ccd9f4ca680599a38c4ff6987034bf5f78fe965648150a6e84754479750347e445d3caff38d00141e6422f2 *trafficserver-7.1.5-rc1.tar.bz2

This corresponds to git ref:

    Hash: f6b2f4103fc9acc5275fdd52bba11153fd2cbe91
    Tag: 7.1.5-rc1

Which can be verified with the following command:

    $ git tag -v 7.1.5-rc1

All code signing keys are available here:


Make sure you refresh from a key server to get all relevant signatures. This vote is open until EOB November 21st, but please test and cast your votes as early as possible. The changes from RC0 to RC1 are small, but please test and vote again even if you voted on RC0.


— Leif

Changes with Apache Traffic Server 7.1.5
  #3308 - Fix 7.1.x build
  #4058 - Remove Http2ConnectionState::continued_buffer
  #4079 - Enable ECDH explicitly only if OpenSSL version is v1.0.2 or lower
  #4080 - Add diags log message when cache wraps.
  #4084 - Fixed http/2 issue with Http2Stream being updated after it was destroyed
  #4085 - Fix typo in header_normalize plugin.
  #4092 - Fix Http/2 priority crashes.
  #4106 - make sure len is smaller than MAX_ENTRY before we use it as the index
  #4121 - Added clear_event function to cancel inactive event before marking it…
  #4126 - Fix typo in RecUtils
  #4171 - Corrects IPv4 multicast ip address check
  #4172 - make sure "traffic_ctl config reload" only reloads configs that changed
  #4173 - Clear up evnets and timers for a H2 stream before destroying its mutex
  #4174 - Fix crash in Http2ClientSession::release_netvc
  #4179 - Back-port to 7.1.x -- Log Collation Memory Leaks (x2)
  #4312 - Disable the HttpSM half open logic if the underlying transport is TLS
  #4313 - HTTP/2 priority fixes to match common browser patterns
  #4316 - Reset the inactivity timeout to the transaction timeout…
  #4317 - proxy.config.http.connect_attempts_timeout tracks TTBF instead of con…
  #4319 - Fix another ProxySession and NetVC shutdown race crash
  #4345 - Fixes spelling in spec summary
  #4355 - make the lua context static for parsing logging.config
  #4359 - Set log code when closing half open connections.
  #4370 - Add a search path for Tcl
  #4371 - Fix a TM crash on alarms
  #4380 - Fix lost pending_actions causing actions on stale objects.
  #4456 - Fixes leak when no OCSP URL is available
  #4469 - Fixes memory leaks in compress plugin
  #4470 - Fixes memory leak in header_rewrite when GeoIP is used
  #4471 - Converts to stack-based buffer for record lookup during logging
  #4472 - Converts loop and callees in SSLInitServerContext to std::string
  #4475 - Add test for ticket reuse with proxy.config.ssl.server.ticket_key.fil…
  #4476 - heap use after free
  #4482 - Fix leak in stapling_refresh_response
  #4483 - Fixes more leaks when no OCSP URL is available
  #4498 - Fixes plugin builds using tsxs on MacOS
  #4507 - Handle inactivity timeout event in state_http_server_open
  #4534 - Fix logging log file roll issue (#2544).
  #4537 - Make sure ua_session is not nullptr
  #4543 - Fixes memory leaks in header_rewrite
  #4565 - Doc: Describe parent weight and format
  #4614 - Doc: Backport various doc fixes
  #4617 - Release the mutex after the events are cancelled