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From Jin <>
Subject Re: ATS cache miss if backend service DNS name rotates.
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2018 17:18:21 GMT
It worked with pristine host header enabled. However, I am facing an issue
when trying to tspush contents to cache.

The setup has a set of ATS servers cache{01..04} with a DNS roundrobin name
called ats-g1. The backend Ceph storage rados gateway servers are
ceph{01..10} with another DNS roundrobin name ceph-rgw.

A file was pushed into cache using: 
tspush -f /path_to/data_file -u http://cache01:8080/path_to/data_file

The file was in place normally and reported by http://{cache} as

When trying to retrieve this file, ATS reported that data_file was not
cached and fetched it from backend Ceph http endpoint. After this attempt,
the following curl shows cache was hit.
curl -x http://cache01:8080  http://ceph-rgw/path_to/data_file

After this, http://{cache} reported two cached data files from two different
source hosts:

Is it possible to push data file to the cache server but using another host



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