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From Jin <>
Subject ERROR: log: unsupported key 'name'
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2018 14:57:44 GMT
I noticed an error reported in diags.log in ats 8.0.0

[Nov  5 09:52:08.869] {0x2b3b4a96fd00} NOTE: loading logging.yaml
[Nov  5 09:52:08.871] {0x2b3b4a96fd00} ERROR: log: unsupported key 'name'
[Nov  5 09:52:08.871] {0x2b3b4a96fd00} NOTE: failed to reload logging.yaml
[Nov  5 09:52:08.873] {0x2b3b4a96fd00} NOTE: logging initialized[3],
logging_mode = 3

logging.yaml look like this:

    - filename: squid
      format: squid
      mode: binary
    - name: common
      format: '%<chi> - %<caun> [%<cqtn>] "%<cqtx>" %<pssc>

Also tried:
    - filename: squid
      format: squid
      mode: binary
    - filename: common
      format: '%<chi> - %<caun> [%<cqtn>] "%<cqtx>" %<pssc>
And got this:
[Nov  5 09:56:53.019] {0x2b3b5d860700} NOTE: loading logging.yaml
[Nov  5 09:56:53.020] {0x2b3b5d860700} ERROR: Format %<chi> - %<caun>
[%<cqtn>] "%<cqtx>" %<pssc> %<pscl> is not a known format; cannot
[Nov  5 09:56:53.020] {0x2b3b5d860700} NOTE: logging.yaml done reloading!

By looking at all changes for 8.0.1-rc, I don't seem to find a related fix.
Is this a mis-configuration or a different issue?



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