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From "Vaughan, Wendre" <>
Subject How to configure ATS to support X-Cache-Tags header?
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2018 16:35:12 GMT
I have ATS 7.1 setup as a reverse proxy for a Drupal-Managed Website.  My Drupal Development
Team wants to use a feature called Cache Tags (
) that is designed specifically for Varnish.

The Drupal system would send a Request with method ‘BAN’ to the ATS servers expecting
the ATS servers to read the X-Cache-Tags headers (a list of pages to not cache) and have ATS
do the following:

  1.  Purge the ATS cache of any of the items in the X-Cache-Tags list
  2.  Dynamically update a list of ‘Never Cache’ to the items in the X-Cache-Tag list.
  3.  Remove these four headers from origin responses before sending the response to the requestor:
 X-Url, X-Host, X-Cache-Tags, X-Cache-Contexts (can do this with the headers plugin)

So I have a few questions.  Can I setup a method called ‘BAN’ on the ATS servers?  I think
I can use the headers plugin and possibly a lua script to do the purging and update the cache.config
file.  If I can get the ‘BAN’ method to be accepted by ATS.

I am pretty new to extending ATS with lua.  Any help is appreciated.

Wendre Vaughan
Senior Software Engineer, Operations | Finance & Information Technology | Sound Transit
P: 206.903.7270 | F: 206.398.5223 | e:<>

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