Have you tried setting cache: to false?


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In short, can ATS only save gzipped object in cache ?

Here is my story.
I'm trying to use ATS to cache about 30M html pages. Each page is sized about 200KB and 30KB when gzipped.

I set Apache to send zipped page with mod_deflate and let client request with header "Accept-Encoding: gzip".
But I found ATS always save uncompressed pages, by which eat a large amount of hard disk.

I've tried with gzip / deflate Plugin. It can let ATS send gzipped response but can not let ATS save gzipped pages.
The option cache: true let ATS save both compressed and uncompressed version of pages, which take more cache space.

My ATS version is 5.3.0.

* config for records.conf (most are kept default)
CONFIG proxy.config.http.insert_request_via_str INT 2
CONFIG proxy.config.http.insert_response_via_str INT 2
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.required_headers INT 0
CONFIG proxy.config.log.squid_log_is_ascii INT 1
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.allow_empty_doc INT 0
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.ignore_authentication INT 1
CONFIG proxy.config.cache.ram_cache.compress INT 1

* config for gzip plugin
enabled true
cache false
remove-accept-encoding false
flush false
compressible-content-type text/*

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Liang YU

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