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From Vishwas Manral <>
Subject Remap rules for HTTPS
Date Sun, 25 Oct 2015 00:20:12 GMT

I was trying to use ATS 5.1.0 as a reverse proxy.

I am able to remap HTTP traffic however not able to do the same for HTTPS
using the tslua plugin. If I put code pointer in plugin.config that code is
invoked - while the rules of remap.config do not work. The rules are as

regex_map_with_recv_port http://.*:<port number1> http://.*:<port number1>
@plugin=/opt/ats/libexec/trafficserver/ @pparam=x.lua @pparam=MON

regex_map_with_recv_port https://.*:<port number2> https://.*: <port
number2> @plugin=/opt/ats/libexec/trafficserver/ @pparam=x.lua

The first one works the second doesn't. The diag seems to say the certs are
loaded correctly

[Oct 24 23:59:07.191] Server {0x2b1b1a82XXXX} NOTE: loading SSL certificate
configuration from /opt/ats/etc/trafficserver/ssl_multicert.config

What could I be doing wrong?


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