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From Randeep <>
Subject regex remap
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2015 06:43:18 GMT

I'm trying to remove the qstring from the urls. Please help.

I have added the following line in the remap.config

@pparam=/tmp/regex.config @pparam=no-query-string

But in /tmp/regex.config I am not sure how to write the regrex rule.

is it like

queries are like the below.

I'm getting the following error there.

[Oct  7 12:10:10.836] Server {0x2aef3916f140} WARNING: Failed to create new
instance for plugin /opt/ats/libexec/trafficserver/ (not a
TS_SUCCESS return)
[Oct  7 12:10:10.836] Server {0x2aef3916f140} WARNING: Could not add rule
at line #209; Aborting!
[Oct  7 12:10:10.836] Server {0x2aef3916f140} WARNING: [ReverseProxy] Can't
create new remap instance for plugin
"/opt/ats/libexec/trafficserver/" - Unknown plugin error at
line 209
[Oct  7 12:10:10.836] Server {0x2aef3916f140} WARNING: something failed
during BuildTable() -- check your remap plugins!
[Oct  7 12:10:10.836] Server {0x2aef3916f140} WARNING: Can not load the
remap table, exiting out!
[Oct  7 12:10:14.911] {0x2b7345ce7140} STATUS: opened
[Oct  7 12:10:14.911] {0x2b7345ce7140} NOTE: updated diags config
[Oct  7 12:10:14.915] Server {0x2b7345ce7140} NOTE: cache clustering
[Oct  7 12:10:14.925] Server {0x2b7345ce7140} NOTE: ip_allow.config
updated, reloading
[Oct  7 12:10:14.934] Server {0x2b7345ce7140} NOTE: cache clustering
[Oct  7 12:10:14.936] Server {0x2b7345ce7140} NOTE: logging initialized[3],
logging_mode = 3
[Oct  7 12:10:14.946] Server {0x2b7345ce7140} NOTE: loading SSL certificate
configuration from /opt/ats/etc/trafficserver/ssl_multicert.config

Mob: +919447831699[kerala]
Mob: +919880050349[B'lore]

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Randeep Raman
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