i am going to test this tonight, but are you saying that it's possible to split the cache based on some transaction condition?

meaning the below would be stored in ramdisk.


while the below would be stored in a generic(disk) volume.


again, i have yet to test, but i believe this is all driven by setting the cache key to use the domain which is mapped to the ramdisk volume.
if this sounds right to you, then it means i am on the right path.

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On Sep 28, 2015, at 12:37 PM, Jeremy Payne <jp557198@gmail.com> wrote:

not sure if this answers your question, but i have been thinking about something similar.

this is how i have it played out in my mind, although i havent looked at the transaction points to see when host/domain is considered for volume placement.

1. create a ramdisk(or some memory based filesyetm)
2. map the ramdisk to store content for some domain

This ought to work, however, be aware that if you have ATS configured with a RAM cache, you will store such objects in RAM twice. If you do this, odds are that you are best off turning off RAM cache entirely in ATS itself (but, I’ve never done that, so not sure how the performance will be). 

— Leif

3. write a lua script to change the cache key of specific requests to something within the ramdisk domain
4. the expectation is that with this change, the desired objects will be found in the ramdisk volume.

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I would like to know if ats provides any way to trick the cache and store some specific request only in RAM so when ats restarts the entry won't be there any longer.


Daniel Morilha (dmorilha@gmail.com)