Hello All,

I've prepared a release for v5.3.2 (RC0) which is the latest stable release in the 5.3.x series. This is the third release in our Long Term Support (LTS) version as detailed in our Release Management document:


Changes since 5.3.1:


A summary of the new features in 5.3.x are here:


Information about upgrading to this release from previous ones is available at:


The cache in this release is compatible with the previous 5.x and 4.x releases.

The artifacts are available for download at:


MD5: c62745afdb0f39a7631eb553b6f18a26
SHA1: b496323cc95b90bfbb4df6e7432e3df0b8a1671c

This corresponds to git:

Hash: fc18910a857912d0290a04013eefa4edbb0d6cdd
Tag: 5.3.2-rc0

Which can be verified with the following:

git tag -v 5.3.2-rc0

My code signing key is available here:


Make sure you refresh from a key server to get all relevant signatures.

The vote is open until Saturday Sept 12th, 2015.

Thanks All!