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From Steve Malenfant <>
Subject regex_remap and $p
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2015 15:02:53 GMT
Some looked at the code, and seems like this "$p" applies to the "request
URL" which would be the left side of the remap line. Although from my
testing, it applies to the origin port (right side). What is the

$p     - The original port number

The goal here is to to remove any query string and keep the origin port
defined in the remap line.

Discussion available here :

Some quick details about the configuration...

remap.config :

map http://edge01/ http://origin:8081/

drop_qstring.config :

/([^?]+) $s://$t:$p/$1

Old drop_qstring.config (which drops the origin port) :

/([^?]+) $s://$t/$1



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