I think you would need to use named_filters to specify ranges in remap.config.

remap.config — Apache Traffic Server 5.3.0 documentation

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Hmm, I didn’t think about a DNS blackhole.  For now I’m looking into additional remap files using the “.include” directive in remap.config but I get these errors after running traffic_line -x

[Jan  9 15:57:04.270] Server {47752783210240} WARNING: Could not add rule at line #126; Aborting!
[Jan  9 15:57:04.270] Server {47752783210240} WARNING: [ReverseProxy] Unknown directive ".include" at line 126
[Jan  9 15:57:04.270] Server {47752783210240} WARNING: something failed during BuildTable() -- check your remap plugins!
[Jan  9 15:57:04.270] Server {47752783210240} WARNING: failed to reload remap.config, not replacing!

My remap.conf has these two lines:

.include /etc/trafficserver/filters.config
.include /etc/trafficserver/set1.remap.config

…which is odd because the documentation states:

"The .include directive allows mapping rules to be spread across multiple files. The argument to the .include directive is a list of file names to be parsed for additional mapping rules. "


Does your version of ATS match the version of the docs?

Nope and I apologize for that. Time to upgrade.

Thanks everyone.

Before I upgrade, I’ve tried a “deny all” map as the last line in remap.conf and listing all the allowed sites before this deny line, but it doesn’t take.  Can something like this be done?  (ATS version 3.04)

map http://apache.org/   http://apache.org   @action=allow   @src_ip=
map /              @action=deny @src_ip=

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We have a forward only proxy server configured. How can I restrict a internal IP address or IP address range to only be able to proxy certain top level domains (ie google.com, yahoo.com, etc)?  I’ve read a lot on remapping, but I don’t think that is the correct approach.

DNS blackholing as suggested seems like a reasonable solution. If your list of domains is smallish, then something in remap.config might work as well. I’ve done this in the past, blocking all but a few HTTPS sites (via setting remap.required to 1 in records.config). The other option is to allow all sites, but list the ones that you intend to block (map them to some nonexistent domain or IP, e.g.

Fwiw, remap rules like this with CONNECT methods only works in 5.0.0 and later.

— Leif