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From Sudheer Vinukonda <>
Subject Re: Details on traffic server log Format
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2015 15:52:59 GMT
The traces above seem to be from traffic.out - the logs in this file are typically debug messages
that developers add with no particular *documented* format (Note: these traces are typically
not enabled in production for performance reasons - a very simple transaction can produce
100s of this messages depending on the debug tags activated). There's however a general recommended
format (per debug tag), that developers follow for uniformity/consistency when adding/modifying
traces in that area.
For the traces above - 
[Jan 23 10:43:54.024] Server {0x2baa8ff325c0} DEBUG: (http_cs) [17] session born, netvc

{0x2baa8ff325c0} : identifies the thread that's processing this session
(http_cs) : the debug tag associated with this trace[17] : the http sm_id (state machine id)
associated with this transaction
These identifiers usually help to group related traces for a given transaction/session/thread
etc and aid in isolating a specific unit of interest when looking through potentially a ton
of traces.

     On Thursday, January 22, 2015 10:27 PM, SunilVasanta <>

 Hi All,
 I'm new to traffic server, managed to install traffic server and do some basic testing. Now
I'm trying to understand traffic server log format.
 Can anyone share details or share link which can help me.
 I'm trying understand traffic.out log, need to now significance of reach field in each line
 [Jan 23 10:43:54.024] Server {0x2baa8ff325c0} DEBUG: (http_seq) [HttpSessionAccept:mainEvent
0x2baaa4012c70] accepted connection from transport type = 0
 [Jan 23 10:43:54.024] Server {0x2baa8ff325c0} DEBUG: (http_cs) [17] session born, netvc 0x2baaa4012c70
 [Jan 23 10:43:54.024] Server {0x2baa8ff325c0} DEBUG: (http_cs) [17] Starting transaction
1 using sm [35]
 [Jan 23 10:43:54.024] Server {0x2baa8ff325c0} DEBUG: (http) [35] [HttpSM::main_handler, VC_EVENT_READ_READY]
 [Jan 23 10:43:54.024] Server {0x2baa8ff325c0} DEBUG: (http) [35] [&HttpSM::state_read_client_request_header,
 [Jan 23 10:43:54.024] Server {0x2baa8ff325c0} DEBUG: (http) [35] done parsing client request
 [Jan 23 10:43:54.024] Server {0x2baa8ff325c0} DEBUG: (http_trans) START HttpTransact::ModifyRequest
 [Jan 23 10:43:54.024] Server {0x2baa8ff325c0} DEBUG: (http_trans) [ink_cluster_time] local:
1421990034, highest_delta: 0, cluster: 1421990034
 [Jan 23 10:43:54.024] Server {0x2baa8ff325c0} DEBUG: (http_trans) END HttpTransact::ModifyRequest

Sunil Vasanta

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