please file the ticket in Jira, afaict the stats is not that good maintained consistently during most of the changes. as always, patch is welcome.

- Yongming Zhao 赵永明

在 2014年11月6日,上午7:59,Adam W. Dace <> 写道:

Now that things have settled down a bit since ATS v5.0 I wanted to bring this up as I actually use these numbers pretty often to "keep an eye" on TrafficServer.

I can't speak for all of these, but I've noticed over time when viewing stats through traffic_top the "DNS lookup" stat will happily persist through a restart but at the very least "DNS hits" and "DNS Hit" will not.

I'm not really sure what the scoop with "DNS Time" is...for me it's always 0.0.  :(

What can I do to help get this resolved eventually?