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From Mohd Akhbar <>
Subject Re: ATS 5.1.1 with SOCKS proxy.
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2014 09:07:27 GMT
What i'm trying to achieve here is to use ATS to connect to a socks
proxy (provided by a ssh tunnel) as gateway to internet.

on the ssh tunnel, i use
ssh -c blowfish  -D ats.local:1080 user@remote.server
the SSH tunnel and ATS is on the same machine.

previously, i use parent.config for internet access. In order to use
SOCKS i disable it by
CONFIG proxy.config.http.parent_proxy_routing_enable INT 0  (in records.config)

to use SOCKS proxy, i enable it in records.config by
CONFIG proxy.config.socks.socks_config_file STRING socks.config
(guess this is default)
CONFIG proxy.config.socks.socks_needed INT 1   ( i assume that ats
will fetch config from socks.config)

my socks.config content is
dest_ip= parent="ats.local:1080"

Now, when i restart ats (trafficserver restart - i'm on centos), i
cant connect to internet. Then in traffic.out got this error...

[TrafficServer] using root directory '/usr/local'
traffic_server: void SocksEntry::init(ProxyMutex*,
SocksNetVC*, unsigned char, unsigned char): Assertion
`ats_is_ip4(&target_addr)' failed.

i got no clue on this error. By the way i'm using IPv4 only.

Thank you.

On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 11:27 PM, Yongming Zhao <> wrote:
> the socks.config is a feature that can make origin on socks5 connections, it’s a feature
that make proxy peering like parent.config. so, if you want ATS run as socks5 server, then
don’t read that docs.
> I am sure we have the socks.config and socks server working after the open source, so
please try it by patient.
> how ever, to run ATS as a socks server, please take a look at the origin PDF admin guide,
page 211, "Setting SOCKS Proxy Options", you should only need to set one options to enable
SOCKS server on port 1080
>> proxy.config.socks.accept_enabled=1
> good luck
> - Yongming Zhao 赵永明
>> 在 2014年11月19日,下午9:31,Mohd Akhbar <> 写道:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to know if ATS supports SOCKS proxy ? And if supportted,
>> is there a doc for that ?
>> There's list of config to use but dont know values for them
>> CONFIG proxy.config.socks.socks_config_file STRING socks.config
>> CONFIG proxy.config.socks.socks_needed=0
>> CONFIG proxy.config.socks.socks_version=4
>> CONFIG proxy.config.socks.socks_timeout=100
>> CONFIG proxy.config.socks.server_connect_timeout=10
>> CONFIG proxy.config.socks.per_server_connection_attempts=1
>> CONFIG proxy.config.socks.connection_attempts=4
>> CONFIG proxy.config.socks.server_retry_timeout=300
>> CONFIG proxy.config.socks.default_servers=
>> CONFIG proxy.config.socks.server_retry_time=300
>> CONFIG proxy.config.socks.server_fail_threshold=2
>> CONFIG proxy.config.socks.accept_enabled=0
>> CONFIG proxy.config.socks.accept_port=1080
>> CONFIG proxy.config.socks.http_port=80
>> These are defaults get from _stat.
>> Thank you.

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