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From Mohd Akhbar <>
Subject ATS 5.1.1 with SOCKS proxy.
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2014 13:31:55 GMT

I would like to know if ATS supports SOCKS proxy ? And if supportted,
is there a doc for that ?

There's list of config to use but dont know values for them

CONFIG proxy.config.socks.socks_config_file STRING socks.config
CONFIG proxy.config.socks.socks_needed=0
CONFIG proxy.config.socks.socks_version=4
CONFIG proxy.config.socks.socks_timeout=100
CONFIG proxy.config.socks.server_connect_timeout=10
CONFIG proxy.config.socks.per_server_connection_attempts=1
CONFIG proxy.config.socks.connection_attempts=4
CONFIG proxy.config.socks.server_retry_timeout=300
CONFIG proxy.config.socks.default_servers=
CONFIG proxy.config.socks.server_retry_time=300
CONFIG proxy.config.socks.server_fail_threshold=2
CONFIG proxy.config.socks.accept_enabled=0
CONFIG proxy.config.socks.accept_port=1080
CONFIG proxy.config.socks.http_port=80

These are defaults get from _stat.

Thank you.

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