Alan, I'd be happy to help with the How to Debug session, I have quite a few tricks I can share. Also, I'm thinking about a session for APIs including both C and C++, is this something people would be interested in?

On Fri, Oct 10, 2014 at 10:41 AM, Alan M. Carroll <> wrote:
I have two talks I would like to present:

Hashing and Containers - current state and future direction of hashing, hash tables, and other containers.

With the arrival of the Concurrency Kit and work that Phil, Brian, and I have done on hashing, we need to be explicit about how to start using a fixed set of containers and phase out obsolete ones (particularly TCL). I will talk about what's in ATS now and how it is expected to be used.

Early Intervention - Getting hooked on acceptance.

As an outgrowth of Susan and James' work on SSL, we would like to provide a wider variety of hooks very early in the transaction. In effect this is a generalization of the SSL hooks. This is an design for future work, to set the style of how this should be done. I will discuss promoting the Accept objects to be API visible and go through the implementation details of the current protocol probing*.

* Note that because of Susan's work on the SSL tunneling feature, we can now protocol probe SSL ports as well.

If someone else hasn't already take charge, I can work or contribute to the "How to Debug" session.