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From Sudheer Vinukonda <>
Subject Re: ats_pagespeed & spdy use case.
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2014 15:16:26 GMT
SPDY is a part of the ATS core in 5.0+ (however, it needs to be built
explicitly with the option ³‹enable-spdy²).

The key benefit of the SPDY protocol is the support for multiplexing of
requests, thereby allowing for faster web page load. The
concurrency/multiplexing benefits should apply for a forward proxy
configuration as well.

I¹ve not used ats_pagespeed plugin yet, but, reading the description about
what it does at (to basically modify the
order of loading various types of resources on a web page to achieve
optimal page load latencies), it seems that, ats_pagespeed should also
help a forward proxy setup as well.



On 10/28/14, 4:20 AM, "Mohd Akhbar" <> wrote:

>Is these 2 plugins really use for reverse proxy only ? Any benefit in
>forward proxy ? If i am wrong, can I have a simple explanation on
>these ? I'm building ATS on centos 6 and now 7 and all seem working.
>If these 2 plugins have any benefit for forward proxying then i'm
>happy to try and post some results here.
>Thank you.

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