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From "Owens, Steve" <>
Subject Traffic server segfaults under valgrind but not on it's own.
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2013 17:30:48 GMT
I was running some valgrind tests on trafficserver to test my plugin for memory leaks.

At any rate code that runs perfectly fine with just traffic server running ends up segfaulting
when trafficserver is running behind valgrind.

Here is the tail output of the valgrind log showing the segfault.

[Jun 20 10:28:01.181] Server {0x79d4940} DIAG: (ApiMgmtPlugin::JsonPTransformationHandler::callbackHandler)
Current state = STATE_EXIT: output_vio.nbytes = 33314; output_vio.ndone= 33314.
[Jun 20 10:28:01.183] Server {0x79d4940} DIAG: (ApiMgmtPlugin::JsonPTransformationHandler::callbackHandler)
Checking integrity of input_vio to see if it is OK to TSContCall(TSVIOContGet(input_vio),
[Jun 20 10:28:01.188] Server {0x79d4940} DIAG: (ApiMgmtPlugin::JsonPTransformationHandler::callbackHandler)
TSAssert(input_vio) succeeds; calling TSContCall(TSVIOContGet(input_vio), TS_EVENT_VCONN_WRITE_COMPLETE,
NOTE: Traffic Server received Sig 11: Segmentation fault
/usr/local/bin/traffic_server - STACK TRACE:

The segfault occurs on the call to TSContCall(TSVIOContGet(input_vio), TS_EVENT_VCONN_WRITE_COMPLETE,
Yet immediately prior to this a call ws made to TSAssert(input_vio) and no assertion was thrown.

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