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From Alvin Lee <>
Subject failing to load with ATS 3.2.4
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2013 15:39:29 GMT
I am trying to use the plugin but when I try and start ATS
3.2.4, traffic.out gives me this error:

Server {0x2aaabd5a6410} WARNING: Failed to create new instance for plugin
/libexec/trafficserver/ (not a TS_SUCCESS return)
[Jun 12 15:17:24.331] Server {0x2aaabd5a6410} WARNING: Could not add rule
at line #169; Aborting!
[Jun 12 15:17:24.331] Server {0x2aaabd5a6410} WARNING: [ReverseProxy] Can't
create new remap instance for plugin
"/libexec/trafficserver/" - Unknown plugin error at line 169
[Jun 12 15:17:24.331] Server {0x2aaabd5a6410} WARNING: something failed
during BuildTable() -- check your remap plugins!
[Jun 12 15:17:24.331] Server {0x2aaabd5a6410} WARNING: Can not load the
remap table, exiting out!
[Jun 12 15:17:24.338] Manager {0x2af7464a1840} ERROR: [Alarms::signalAlarm]
Server Process was reset
[Jun 12 15:17:24.338] Manager {0x2af7464a1840} ERROR:  (last system error
2: No such file or directory)

My remap.config looks like this:

I want to use path manipulation so this is the plugin I want to use.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

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