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From Leif Hedstrom <>
Subject Re: Cache invalidation
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2013 21:52:20 GMT
On 6/7/13 12:53 PM, Owens, Steve wrote:
> One of the issues that comes up over and over again with regard to cache
> invalidation is that the HTTP spec automatically invalidates the cache
> when an unsafe operation such as PUT, POST or DELETE is called upon a URI.
> I am not sure about this and I am certainly open to correction, but I
> believe that ATS uses the Content-Type as part of the cache key.

In addition to what James said, and asked, couple of thouhts:

1) We don't use Content-Type as part of the cache key. It might be part of 
the alternate selection portion.

2) Am I correct in that are you are asking for PUT/POST to invalidate all 
alternates, regardless of what the Content-Type is?

For 2), if that is correct, this sounds an awful lot like what we did for 
PURGE requests. See e.g.  and 
git show 0188c46592f15c44813275fa5755acf8db0cca5b . Obviously those changes 
don't apply to PUT and POST requests, but if this is what you are asking 
for, I think that's fine to fix (but, we should probably check the RFC too).


-- Leif

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