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From Provedor Bogus <>
Subject Re: Features request
Date Tue, 15 May 2012 21:32:27 GMT
Dear ATS developers,

We are offering a US 2,500 fund to have these features at ATS code. I don't
know if its a resonable value but anyone able to do that, just drop me a
message and we can work on.


2012/5/14 Provedor Bogus <>

> Dear ATS developers,
> First of all, thanks a lot for the amazing software you made. Your work is
> very appreciated, honestly.
> Due to scalability problems, we are working on a trial to replace our
> Squid caches to ATS and some interesting features would be very nice to
> have, which I enumerate below.
> 1) Is it possible to have a "primary destination specifier" in
> hosting.config to match a network ? We have a substantial amount of traffic
> coming from Akamai CDN (among others CDNs) and would be lovely to have an
> option to store such huge data in bigger SATA disks (although slow) instead
> of smaller SAS disks (although fast).
> 2) Is it possible to have a hierarquical cache disk model ? Would be
> lovely to have smaller files ( < 1 MB) on a SSD, midsize files on SAS disks
> (> 1 MB and < 10 MB) and bigger files on SATA disks (> 10 MB). It helps to
> better manage the hit ratio on big files which keeps the network busy for a
> longer time.
> 3) Is it possible to have proxy.config.cache.min_average_object_size
> and proxy.config.cache.target_fragment_size on per volume basis ? It helps
> to better manage the kind of files and size of cache each disk will store.
> Best Regards and all the best !
> Antonio

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