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From Servalan eq <>
Subject Calling an arbitrary http entpoint for advice in a remap plugin
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2012 12:36:36 GMT

I am writing a remap plugin to do a hybrid reverse proxy / redirection task.In some circumstances
I want to call out to a seperate http server (not related to the requests) do decide how to
handle the requests.
I've coded this up using libcurl, which works but seems very slow - creating and destroying
a curl_easy_init object per call. Is there a way to call an HTTP GET during a plugin's process,
just passing some request parameters and headers using the internal ATSfunctionality? 
It seems TSFetchRespGet or TSFetchURL might work, but I can't see any way to make a new tsapi_httptxn
with my call in it.
thanks very much,
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