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From "Owens, Steve" <>
Subject Request for suggestions failure to scale in cluster mode.
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2012 20:10:10 GMT
Hello All,

We are benchmarking our ATS configuration which uses a custom ATS plugin.

At any rate we are observing some interesting behavior.

We are configured to hit about 5 urls in traffic server which return a payload of about 500

These URI's are being cached using cache control headers such that the requests are almost
100% being served from cache.

At any rate we can't seem to push the cluster past 2800 transactions per second.

The interesting thing is that when we reduce the back end node count from 2 to 1, the 1 node
maintains the load at about 60% cpu.
When we run with 2 nodes we see about 30% cpu on each node.

Can anyone offer suggestions on how to get this cluster to scale linearly with respect to
number of nodes?

We know that our load test software is capable of generating in excess of 20K tps, so this
seems to be some sort of contention in the cluster itself.


Best Regards,

Steve Owens

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