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From John Plevyak <>
Subject Re: any sort of 32bit limitation preventing large file caches?
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 18:07:18 GMT
Yes, you could increase that, up to closer to ~4MB (AGG_SIZE - sizeof_DOC)
 That would give you up to 20GB files.  Certainly, we could bump up
AGG_SIZE, although tying up the disk with large writes might impact read
latency to some extent.    We could make AGG_SIZE 8MB for example which at
100MB/sec transfer rate is going to eat up ~80msec at the disk.


On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 10:14 PM, Leif Hedstrom <> wrote:

> On 4/23/12 9:42 PM, John Plevyak wrote:
>> Humm... it would be easy to enlarge the aggregation buffer or disable the
>> fragment offsets in the header.   The former is probably the most powerful
>> solution since if you are serving huge documents, you probably want the
>> ability to restart/seek and likely also have significant memory on a per
>> disk basis.   We could make it configurable.
> Is this something we should add for v3.1.4 / v3.2?
> Also, does increasing the fragment size change any of this ? Perhaps not
> an ideal solution, but, we still haven't fixed TS-475 anyways so can't
> position / seek afaik ?
> -- Leif
> CONFIG proxy.config.cache.target_**fragment_size INT 1048576

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