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From "McClimont, Aaron (SACE Board)" <>
Subject Disabling repeated request attempts to the source server when transaction_no_activity_timeout_in is exceeded.
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2012 03:46:02 GMT
Hello all,

  We have some long running processes which run for longer than allowed for by reasonable
(or default) settings of the 'proxy.config.http.transaction_no_activity_timeout_in' configuration.
 More of an issue is that ATS re-submits the request to the source server when this timeout
is reached, for a total of 10 times, potentially allowing for operations intended to run only
once to run multiple times. I can't locate the correct configuration to disable this re-submitting
to the source server.

  I can reproduce the issue by accepting a connection at the source server which never responds
or closes. (IE: A servlet which when accessed goes in to an endless loop)

  I've found a similar post from earlier this year (,
however I'm not convinced that our scenarios are the same.  The resubmitting of requests to
the source server is consistent at 10 times even having tried changing the 'connect_attempts_max_retries'

  What I'd like to achieve is (in order of priority):

1) Remove re-submits such that only one connection attempt is made to the source server (when
transaction_no_activity_timeout_in is exceeded).
2) Disable 'transaction_no_activity_timeout_in' such that there is no timeout, alternatively
I'll set this to a value abnormally high.

Many thanks,

Aaron McClimont

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