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From "Vaillancourt, Tim" <>
Subject RE: Multiple Trafficserver Instances on one system
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2012 00:19:05 GMT
Hey Leif/list,

> I am e-mailing the list due to an issue (or PEBKAC) I am experiencing 
> when running several instances of Trafficserver on one system, under 
> custom directories.
> No PEBKAC, not even an ID-10T issue. I think we simply don't support 
> what you are trying to do :-/. We used to have some environment 
> variables dealing with this, but as far as I can tell, it's all 
> eliminated with code like

Good news you DO support what I am trying to do, and this WAS a PEBKAC :).

I was setting the environment with my 'ts-defaults' script, but was not exporting the values.
After adding 'export VALUE=something' to the beginning of each variable I override, everything
magically worked as planned once I cleaned up my mess of guesses to fix this.

Unresolved issues bother the hell out of me, so in case you guys are the same way I wanted
you to know that my logic was broken and not your code :).

For those interested, I was able to clean up my implementation once I got this working a lot.
I removed the modifications I made to bin/trafficserver ("added if test -e <ts-defaults>;
then . <ts-defaults>; fi" for my custom-path defaults file) and merged the environment
variable setting I did in 'ts-defaults' script into a single init script. Now the modified
variables are exported before bin/trafficserver is ran, who will use those values to start
the 3 daemons:


set -e

export TS_ROOT=/opt/instances/ts_uploadprx

export TC_NAME=traffic_cop
export TC_DAEMON_ARGS=""

export TM_NAME=traffic_manager
export TM_DAEMON_ARGS=""

export TS_NAME=traffic_server
export TS_DAEMON_ARGS=""

export TC_PIDFILE=$TS_ROOT/logs/cop.lock
export TM_PIDFILE=$TS_ROOT/logs/manager.lock
export TS_PIDFILE=$TS_ROOT/logs/server.lock

export STDOUTLOG=$TS_ROOT/logs/$TS_NAME.stdout
export STDERRLOG=$TS_ROOT/logs/$TS_NAME.stderr

$TS_ROOT/bin/trafficserver $@"

Using this, trafficserver spawns entirely out of my special instance dir with no other modifications!
I am sorry to waste the lists time on this now  non-issue and am glad to see that this use
case is in fact 100% supported by trafficserver!

Thanks everyone, and have a nice Easter weekend! We look forward to implementing ATS in the

Tim Vaillancourt
Electronic Arts -

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