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From Geoffrey Kneale <>
Subject HTTP Headers in a forward proxy
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 00:09:17 GMT
Hello All,

Is it possible to manipulate the HTTP Headers in Trafficserver configured
to be a forward proxy? My goal is to support the YouTube Education filter,
which utilizes either A or B below.

A)  Add new HTTP header rule

Modify your hardware filter or proxy server settings so that all outgoing
traffic to contains the following custom HTTP header. The ID to
use in the HTTP header configuration, written below, is an example of a
unique ID for your school’s network only. If your school is blocked at the
district level, this HTTP header is then unique to the district network.


Field Name: X-YouTube-Edu-Filter
Description: When YouTube sees this header and an accompanying valid school
ID in the incoming traffic, YouTube will serve a limited EDU-only site to
all computers behind the school hardware filter.
Field Value Format: alphanumeric [a-z][A-Z][0-9]
Field Value Length: up to 44 characters

B)  Create URL parameter rewrite rule

If your hardware filter does not support HTTP header modification, please
rewrite all outgoing URLs to by appending the parameter
“edufilter” at the end. Exclude the &edufilter parameter from these file
types: .css, .gif, .png, .js, .xml

Thanks in advance,


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