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From Siddharth Wagh <>
Subject RE: gunzip.c plugin error: failed assert
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 17:28:14 GMT
Hello all,

Here is the log in traffic.out file when the traffic server tries to access the gunzip plugin.

[Feb 22 15:56:06.641] Manager {139756188534752} NOTE: [LocalManager::startProxy] Launching
ts process
[TrafficServer] using root directory '/usr/local/ts302'
[Feb 22 15:56:06.652] Manager {139756188534752} NOTE: [LocalManager::pollMgmtProcessServer]
New process connecting fd '9'
[Feb 22 15:56:06.652] Manager {139756188534752} NOTE: [Alarms::signalAlarm] Server Process
[Feb 22 15:56:07.681] {47568418809888} STATUS: opened /usr/local/ts302/var/log/trafficserver/diags.log
[Feb 22 15:56:07.681] {47568418809888} NOTE: updated diags config
[Feb 22 15:56:07.689] Server {47568418809888} NOTE: cache clustering disabled
[Feb 22 15:56:07.703] Server {47568418809888} NOTE: cache clustering disabled
[Feb 22 15:56:07.733] Server {47568418809888} NOTE: logging initialized[7], logging_mode =
[Feb 22 15:56:07.734] Server {47568418809888} NOTE: loading plugin '/usr/local/ts302/libexec/trafficserver/'
[Feb 22 15:56:07.740] Server {47568418809888} NOTE: traffic server running
[Feb 22 15:56:07.740] Server {47568418809888} WARNING: bad configurations: no nameservers
FATAL: failed assert `idx >= 0`
/usr/local/ts302/bin/traffic_server - STACK TRACE:
[Feb 22 15:56:07.834] Manager {139756188534752} ERROR: [LocalManager::pollMgmtProcessServer]
Server Process terminated due to Sig 6: Aborted

The gunzip file in the latest stable release doesn't seem to have a fix for this as well.
I am using a Fedora 12 64-bit machine for traffic server.

Is there any working version available for gunzip.c? Since I am a newbie to using the traffic
server, any help regarding this issue would be deeply appreciated.


From: Siddharth Wagh []
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2012 9:56 AM
Subject: RE: gunzip.c plugin error: failed assert


I am not sure I understand. Have you made changes to the plugin in the latest release and
want me to try it? Or were you going to attach a modified version of gunzip with your email?

-          Sid

From: Zachary, Carlton - Hoboken []
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2012 10:11 AM
Subject: RE: gunzip.c plugin error: failed assert


Please try now.

From: Siddharth Wagh []
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2012 10:05 AM
Subject: gunzip.c plugin error: failed assert

Hi all
I am trying to use gunzip plugin with the traffic server (v3.0.2) which loads fine, but gives
the following error when web requests come in:
FATAL: failed assert 'idx >= 0'
Is this a known issue? I compared the gunzip.c file with the one in 3.1.1 release and find
no major difference. I had faced the same problem with gzip.c, but a modified working plugin
was available in this post:
I am not able to find a similar patch for the gunzip file. Any pointers?

-          Sid

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