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From "Alan M. Carroll" <>
Subject Re: HTTP Headers in a forward proxy
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 22:35:10 GMT
Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 3:22:11 PM, you wrote:

> --- remap.config ---
> regex_map
> regex_map http://(.*) http://$1

Are there really no spaces in that? You need one in "comhttp" ("com http") and one before
the '@'. Any reason for using regex_map instead of map? You should use map for straight text,
and regex_map for actual regular expressions (note the difference in Leif's original email).
If you're not familiar with regular expressions, we can point you documentation for that.

My experience is that all the You Tube URLS end in He would want to check his
logs, though, to be sure.

I have to be careful, I've never actually used the remap stuff, but something more like

map @pparam=/etc/trafficserver/youtube.config
regex_map http://(.+)[.]youtube[.]com/(.*) http://$$2

Put the in the libexec directory of ATS, that is where it will look w/o a
path. Otherwise you need to be sure that ATS is installed in the root directory for what you
had. If you didn't configure that, it's more likely to be in /usr/local/.

Also, did you actually compile the so that it can be placed in the libexec

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