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From Ronald Zuniga Orozco <>
Subject Traffic Server caching SOAP service using POST
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2012 15:53:19 GMT

I'm looking for help because I have suggested looking at Traffic Server 
as a caching solution for our platform but now it's the time where I 
need to get some more details on how things would work in our 
environment. I would really love to hear from you what your experience 
have been with Traffic Server and how it would fit in the following 

- Back end services using SOAP over HTTP with different methods like 
- Front end applications calling these services using generated stubs 
from Apache Axis and some done manually using HTTPClient POST commands.

Is it possible to use Traffic Server to cache the service response 
(generally XML)?

Is Traffic Server able to cache service calls when using the POST command?

How would the cache be notified about updates? Our goal would be to not 
change the application if possible, not the back end or front end. The 
scenario here is a record update in the database that would change the 
response from the back end services and ideally we don't want to go with 
a expire time cache and use something we can notify the cache for 
updates so the next call would go directly to the back end services and 
get the most up-to-date information.

I read it's possible to write your own plugins, do I need to write a 
plugin for this kind of solution?

Is it possible to use Traffic Server under these requirements? In case 
these are not possible, is there a way to make it work or a different 
product I can use?

Thanks in advance,


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