On 10/19/2011 05:24 PM, Walsh, Peter wrote:
Hello all,
When I try to use the TS API "TSUrlPathGet" when a matrix parameter is present, I only receive the path portion up to the first semi-colon.†Has anyone had success using TS API's to get/set path elements when matrix parameters are present? †I can use "TSUrlStringGet" to get the entire URI and parse it, however I donít see a corresponding "set" method that does the same. †Any suggestions?

I know our matrix parameter parsing is somewhat flawed. But, why can't you stitch things together† the strings from TSUrlPathGet()† and TSUrlHttpParamsGet()? Does that not create the original path ?

As for the inverse of TSUrlStringGet(), you would use TSUrlParse() to create a new URL, and then "set" that. This would be fairly inefficient though, but should work.

I hope that helps.

-- Leif