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From "" <>
Subject Re: ICP^2
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2011 07:24:58 GMT
在 2011-10-18二的 08:43 +0200,Henry C.写道:
> On Tue, October 18, 2011 04:46, wrote:
> > if you are using ICP inside one local cluster, there is another good solution
> > for content hashing storage, the powerfull Cluster:
> >
> > en.html
> >
> > we have make some improvement in the Cluster performance in trunk, should be a
> > good solution for local net clustering.
> It looks like Cluster mode has an issue if the node where an object is cached
> is down/offline.  I took one of my nodes offline (which had already cached a
> test object) as a test and the other nodes then performed quite badly (ie,
> took several seconds) - perhaps timing out? - before responding... and they
> did this consistently without improving over time.  Only once the down node
> was brought back up did things become snappy again.
there should be no issue when one cluster member down, it will discover
the change and rehash the contents to the left nodes in cluster. the
timeout or heatbeat checking will be <10s. after that, it will be stable
as before.

> I also noticed they did not re-cache the object but *always* went direct to
> the origin.  Would this behaviour not be a problem if one of the nodes
> crashed?  Should an existing node then not re-cache an object to ensure
> optimal performance?
the Cluster is a expanding for storage, so if it will just help when you
do caching. be sure to make TS a working cache system before turn on
> I'm currently using 3.0.1.  You mentioned trunk - where can I find what
> improvements you've made to Cluster mode?
all cluster related project is documented in:
> Thanks
> h

zym, Zhao Yongming.
aka: yonghao @

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