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From Leif Hedstrom <>
Subject Emails and bugs and the meaning of life
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2011 03:52:42 GMT
Hi everyone,

It feels like we sometimes forget to answer all the emails and bugs that 
are posted here. If there's been more than a few days to a week without 
a response on an email, please remind us. If you think you have a bug, 
definitely file a bug (we rather have too many bugs, than too few). If 
you have bugs filed, with no action, please comment on them. Ideally, 
post patches too, and if you did post a patch, and no action, comment on 
it asking for a review. Also, make sure you use the appropriate mailing 
lists and tools, for example

  * Questions about how to configure ATS is not a bug. That is best sent
    to users@
  * Problems with configurations is probably a users@ discussion, but if
    you suspect there's a problem in the code, also Cc: dev@
  * Questions regarding the code, definitely send to dev@
  * Outright bugs, crashes, or unexpected behavior, file a bug in Jira.
    These are typically read by all developers as well.
  * Checking status on bugs, email questions etc. can be done on the IRC
    channel. But, the IRC channel is not a replacement for the mailing

All of us have "real jobs" as well as our ASF contributions, so please 
be patient with us. :)  But, gentle and polite reminders (like I mention 
above) will always be appreciated, it helps us making sure that issues 
or questions are not dropped on the floor. And to repeat myself, it 
never hurts filing a bug, worst case we'll close it.


-- leif

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