Hi guys:

I'm glad to join this group, i'm currently a college senior student with a little extra bit of time on my hands and wanted to get a little experience with TS.
Currently,I have accrued some basic knowledge through go through TS Administrator's Guide.
For now, there is a  problem i can't understand, How Ts find object from object database (cache) ? in page :http://trafficserver.apache.org/docs/v2/admin/http.htm , step2 : it mentioned Using the object address, Traffic Server tries to locate the requested object in its object database (cache).. but i am not very sure what is exctly object address, it is url or hash key for url? 
For example, if user request www.google.com , when the TS receive request, how it find this page from database? what is key for ts check page from database? i really would like to konw the details about how TS find o bject from cache.