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From Ben Snowden <>
Subject Re: reverse_map not happening as expected
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2011 15:50:04 GMT
I appear to be having the same problem getting our crystal reports server to work through the
reverse proxy. When a client posts the report, the crystal server sends a http 302 response
with the address of the generated report.

I have done packet capture on the client and it is receiving the http 302 with a location
that is not being translated. The report server runs on port 3334. The client receives a url
like Even though I have reverse_map rule:


Forward rule is:


Pristine headers is set to 1
ATS 2.1.5 ubuntu 10.04

I tried changing ATS to also listen on the custom port but didn't seem to have much luck.
I will try changing the port on the crystal server but I don't know what kind of dependencies
that will break.

I upgraded to 2.1.5 because I thought it would fix a ssl issue I was having. Since that didn't
work, does anyone know if this problem exists on 2.0.1? I can roll back pretty easily.


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