We are trying out Traffic Server and have run into a problem with SSL connections made through it. Most of the time the connections work fine (HTTP 200) but sometimes an HTTP 502 is reported. This is happening on requests to the same destination URL.
If instead of running Traffic Server we run Squid (on the same physical machine) we never get the 502 errors. We have confirmed that the 502's did not happen because of actual connectivity problems with the site we are attempting to access.
Where can I start looking to figure out why these 502's are happening with Traffic Server but not Squid?
Failure example logs:

Error example:


1296576007.087 58 ERR_CONNECT_FAIL/502 454 CONNECT xxx.yyy.com:443/ - DIRECT/xxx.yyy.com text/html -


20110201.10h00m07s RESPONSE: sent status 502 (Tunnel Connection Failed) for 'xxx.yyy.com:443/'


Success example:


1296576041.850 116107 TCP_MISS/200 103 CONNECT xxx.yyy.com:443/ - DIRECT/xxx.yyy.com - -



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